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Popularized on TV and in movies like “Limitless,” as well as on college campuses, smart drugs are finding their way into more and more startups and are being used by founders and employees to improve efficiency, memory retention, focus and energy. Here are 7 things you didn’t know.

1. The Real Life Limitless? Sort of...

While NZT 48, the pill that transforms Bradley Cooper’s character’s life in the film and current hit TV show “Limitless,” is itself a creation of fiction, the world of neuropharmacology has spent the last 50 years searching for brain supplements and cognitive enhancers that may give you similar benefits. These real-life “Limitless” drugs are called nootropics and they are used by a small but devoted class of individuals committed to building better brains. There are many out there, but the most popular one is called Brain Boost.

Brain Boost Smart Drugs Nootropic Limitless

2. They are Safe

Nootropics, when used correctly, are safe and legal, and don’t require prescriptions. 

Piracetam is a nootropic supplement that has been used by millions of individuals around the world. Piracetam reviews report a range of beneficial effects for this Racetam such as improving your ability to learn and remember, boosting focus and concentration, and improving your mood and motivation levels. It acts on the brain and nervous system to increase certain types of activity between neurons.

3. They are becoming more common for the successful, ambitious set.

Nootropics like Brain Boost are increasingly becoming a must have for entrepreneurs, bankers, college students looking for an edge, and anyone else in high stress, prestige positions. Periodicals and online videos such as USA Today, Huffington Post, Ny Times CNN, BBC and more have chronicled the rise of nootropics.

4. Increase Oxygen and Blood Flow to the Brain

In life, you are constantly thinking about a million different things, which causes your brain to get fatigued. Your brain completely relies upon a constant source of blood and oxygen to operate at its fullest capacity. The nootropic piracetam found in Brain Boost enhances Oxygen utilization in the brain is increased following Piracetam administration. This has a number of practical applications like reducing fatigue and increasing attention span. It is also thought to prevent damage to the neurons due to cerebrovascular insufficiency.

Piracetam has noted benefits for issues relating to brain circulation. In addition to delivering oxygen and nutrient rich blood to neural tissue.

Brain Boost Nootropic Smart Drugs Bullet Proof

5. Side Effects include lowered stress and increased brain health

Smart drugs, aka nootropics, help boost your two “feel good” neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine. This makes you more pleasant to be around and helps you deal with stress.  These neurotransmitters are increased by nootropic intake, specifically with Theanine and vitamin B12, which are both in Brain Boost the preferred nootropic of top CEOs and startup entrepreneurs.

6. Proven to improve focus and concentration

This study, published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature, evaluated several of the ingredients in Brain Boost and other nootropic formulas and found these ingredients provided a marked improvement in both focus and concentration compared to the placebo group.  When using a Piracetam Choline Stack, as in Brain Boost, you may experience significant gains in memory, learning, analytical reasoning, brain energy, focus, and mental fluidity. This is because Choline sources create synergy with Piracetam which essentially increases the demand for acetylcholine at certain brain receptors.

7. Cheaper than your daily coffee habit

Many productivity rockstars are highly dependent upon the dark nectar of wired-up bitterness. While coffee is a great source of antioxidants, it likely contains mold and mycotoxins which are bad for your brain. The cost in time and money of a daily coffee habit (ESPECIALLY if you frequent coffee shops) is almost 3x as much as a month’s worth of Brain Boost.

8. You can try them risk free.

Any successful product will let you try it out and see if you enjoy it. Trusted as the best nootropic formulation, Brain Boost offers a 100% money back guarantee; if you don’t get impressive gains in mind power, you get your money back. Give it a Go and your brain will thank you for it.

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